MILDMAC-COPASA Technological cooperation agreement

COPASA and MILDMAC have agreed to give a boost to its technological collaboration for its branches around the world, after 5 years of technological success relations in secure communications and VoIP telephony with the VoIPfutura Plattform, relation that began in Arabia, after adjudicating the construction of Medina to Mecca AVE High Speed Train to the consortium to which COPASA belongs.

Meeting this week, the heads of these companies have opened a new stage to implement and test new technologies that improve efficiency and profitability in installations that COPASA has in Arabia, Chile, Peru, Mexico, Algeria.., as well as other delocalized commercial services it has around the world.

MILDMAC , as well as developing corporate integration projects with companies that need to solve their IP communication problems with geographic relocation and with multiple national or international headquarters, is working on new features and the integration of IoT, Big Data, and Smartvision technologies.


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