In here cover a wide spectrum of services to the client in the technological area between those who stand out:


It is a service of support and assistance for companies and professionals to solve problems inside their installation and to do consultations about the functioning of their system.

We offer 2 levels of service: online and onsite. A complete group of professionals is to your disposition to solve the IT problems that they present in your company. These incidents are solved across telephonic support, remote assistance or by means of the visit of a technician to his facilities.

Helpdesk’s service also will be take on with supporting your IT systems in the ideal conditions of functioning, realizing tasks of preventive assistance, going forward to the possible problems that they could present for an incorrect functioning of the system. Mildmac counts with years of experience in the resolution of IT problems and support clients, so much SMES as big multinationals.


From Communications department, we work with the principal manufacturers to offer the best price-quality relation adapt to the needs of our clients.

Among the projects and services that we offer stand out:

  • Access to Internet by RDSI, ADSL and LMDS.
  • WIFI and WIMAX Network connectivity
  • Office interconnection according to possibilities and different configurations.
  • VPN – By means of this system, we use Internet, with a low cost, to transmit information deprived of sure form with algorithms of encryption.
  • Radiolinks and LMDS. – High speed and reliability.
  • Perimeter security. – Installation and Firewalls’s maintenance (PIX of Shindy, CheckPoint, Juniper Netscreen, WatchGuard, Zyxel, according to requirements and conditions of the client) , Appliance Barracuda leaked of contents, checkup of vulnerabilities, etc …
  • Routers. – We make specific configurations and maintenance of routers for our clients.
  • High availability. – Interconnection of networks by means of redundant lines or balancing load.
  • Installation and maintenance of networks and electronics of network.
  • We realize made-to-measure works, studies of the condition of the network of information with generation of reports, etc…

Mildmac is authorized partner of HP, Cisco, Juniper, Gigaset and we are certified in Digium DCAP, Elastix ECT, MIkrotik MTCNA y MTCRE.


MILDMAC offers you their own platforms, for the development of his communications, services, business, web, electronic commerce…

We Have two NOCs (Network Operation Center) distributed geographically in the Community of Madrid, which allows us to offer services of replication and high availability.

  • Development of projects of corporate IP services, voice, data, corporate communications.
  • E-commerce platform with secure payment.
  • Domain management, hosting, e-mail, housing and server management.
  • Internet connectivity services, audio / video network, FTP, mail servers, etc …
  • Usage statistics on line.

En la actualidad Mildmac ofrece servicio de hosting tanto en plataforma Microsoft(c) como Linux.

Currently, Mildmac offers service of hosting so much in platform Microsoft (c) as Linux. We characterize ourselves for offering a qualit service orientated only to companies. Our services of hosting are supported on equipments HP Proliant of last generation. Our platform of e-mail is protected against spam and virus by means of appliance Barracuda Networks.


Our Systems Department performs the installation, configuration and maintenance of our clients’ computer systems. The administration of domain controllers, database servers, migrations of operating systems or advanced solutions for backup and recovery from disasters. These are just some of the tasks we usually do.

We offer two levels of service depending on the client:

  • Companies without IT department: We assume the functions of IT’s department and take charge that yor systems works correctly, without you have to worry for the IT of your company.
  • Companies with IT department: We collaborate narrowly with IT’s department, advising, complementing or realizing specific tasks in time or function.

Between other labors we make:

  • Implementation and maintenance of Activates Directory.
  • Migration of structures and Operating systems.
  • Virtualization of systems.
  • Implementation and maintenance of tools of administration (WSUS, MOM …)
  • Implementation and Mail Servers maintenance (Exchange, Mailsite …)
  • Implementation and maintenance of Databases Servers (SQL Server, MySQL, …)
  • Maintenance of files, FTP servers…
  • Implementation and maintenance of Backup’s services and recovery opposite to disasters.
  • Safety studies of his IT systems. We realize made-to-measure works, studies of the condition of your systems with generation of reports, etc …


Our department of Software realizes works in proportion to our client. We develop, implant and support, applications that serve the clients to be able to develop his business of more rapid, agile and efficient form.

We realize from simple applications where they need to realize small lists, up to applications of more importance where they accede to Databases, communications, notifications and reports are sent.


Mildmac is authorized partner of HP, Cisco, Juniper, Gigaset and we are certified in Digium DCAP, Elastix ECT, MIkrotik MTCNA y MTCRE.

Between other products we supply servers, PCs, printers and equipments of networks and communications of diverse brands. We manage service contracts with the most important manufacturers of the sector.

Our Onsite Support Department solves those technical incidents that cannot be solved by telephone or of remote form, moving to the installations of the client and realizing the necessary actions.

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