It allows tracking and traceability of people, animals or objects that carry BLE devices, both indoors and outdoors. Historical traceability to detect social proximity

The era of change is here to stay and we must adapt our way of communicating. On your mobile, automatically, without scanning QR codes…

Intelligent facial recognition camera systems (people identification in access controls, presence, tracking…) and thermal cameras for remote detection of body temperature

Presencia is a system for marking and checking employee hours according to current regulations, using different imputation channels

Collect, meet, play: Tourism more participatory, interactive and attractive than ever

You are about to land in the magical universe of the Gammus. And it is not by chance !! Don’t leave without discovering everything the Gammus can give you

Knowledge enhancement, dynamization of cultural events and interactive and cognitive loyalty, based on the interaction of BLE devices with smartphones

VoIPFutura is a complete corporate platform for Voice over IP communications, with which you can optimize costs, face the migration of your traditional switchboard without any traumas and integrate voice communications into your production processes. Discover another way to understand communications!

Enterprise configurations of great complexity and scope with data models and complex decision flows to solve the most demanding IVR configurations you need for your company or organization.

BDFutura  a multiclient online platform for services and applications aimed at the acquisition, storage and processing of data obtained via the Internet from different sources, which provides users with information and knowledge to make decisions and execute actions.

At Espacio Digital we help you develop your online projects, from a simple web to the most complex corporate application (intranets, ecommerce, workgroup, etc), without forgetting those elements that will enhance your online strategy (digital marketing, mobile apps, multimedia … ).

Latest Blog Posts

BTraZing Elder al rescate de nuestros mayores

Lamentablemente, esta mañana nos hemos desayunado con una triste noticia publicada en Antena3TV: Una anciana con alzheimer muere congelada tras salir del geriátrico en el que residía Nuestras sinceras condolencias a los familiares y lamentamos tremendamente

Acuerdo de Partnership de MILDMAC con QUUPPA

MILDMAC acaba de firmar un contrato de Partnership con la empresa finlandesa QUUPPA por el que Mildmac se convierte en Partner y distribuidor de las soluciones RTLS de Indoor Positioning de QUUPPA basadas en BLE

Interés por BTraZing Elder en ASLAN 2019

Un año más, ASLAN, que tuvo lugar los días 3 y 4 de abril en Madrid, acogió la nueva propuesta de evolución de nuestra tecnología BtraZing, orientada en esta ocasión al segmento de las Residencias

El Control de Presencia de Mildmac al rescate

A partir del 12 de mayo de este año va a ser obligatorio por ley el registro horario de la jornada laboral de los trabajadores ¿Estás preparado para ello? El Control de Presencia de Mildmac

MILDMAC-COPASA 2019 Technological cooperation agreement

COPASA has just signed an agreement with MILDMACfor the development of its VoIP infrastructure in Spain with its  VoIPfutura Platform. This advance will allow them to be connected in Spain with the same technology applied

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