It allows tracking and traceability of people, animals or objects that carry BLE devices, both indoors and outdoors.

Platform for tests and quizzes based on beacons to create any type of activity with questions and answers linked to the location of beacons.

Discover the technology of Beacons (low power Bluetooth beacons) and the applications that Mildmac is implementing in the corporate and leisure environment

Automatic system of custody and surveillance of groups, designed to guarantee the security of the members of a group (excursions, tourist visits, cultural outings, attendance at events …), keeping a permanent and real-time account of them.

Platform of Tests and Quizzes based on beacons to create any type of activity with questions and answers linked to the location of beacons.

Enterprise configurations of great complexity and scope with data models and complex decision flows to solve the most demanding IVR configurations you need for your company or organization.

VoIPFutura is a complete corporate platform for Voice over IP communications, with which you can optimize costs, face the migration of your traditional switchboard without any traumas and integrate voice communications into your production processes. Discover another way to understand communications!

BDFutura  a multiclient online platform for services and applications aimed at the acquisition, storage and processing of data obtained via the Internet from different sources, which provides users with information and knowledge to make decisions and execute actions.

At Espacio Digital we help you develop your online projects, from a simple web to the most complex corporate application (intranets, ecommerce, workgroup, etc), without forgetting those elements that will enhance your online strategy (digital marketing, mobile apps, multimedia … ).

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