MILDMAC-COPASA 2019 Technological cooperation agreement

COPASA has just signed an agreement with MILDMACfor the development of its VoIP infrastructure in Spain with its  VoIPfutura Platform. This advance will allow them to be connected in Spain with the same technology applied to their international headquarters with maximum security and minimum costs, allowing the entire Organization to have a Unified System of Corporate Communications.

In the autumn of 2011, COPASA, after being one of the companies awarded the construction and start-up of the AVE from Medina to Mecca, trusted MILDMAC and its VoIPfutura technology for its deployment of communications at an international level. Arabia was the first headquarters and followed Chile, Peru, Brazil, Algeria, Colombia, Mexico and Bolivia. And now Spain joins.

This new agreement, after years of successful technological relations with the VoIPfutura Platform in secure communications and VoIP Telephony at an international level, extends, ratifies and consolidates the excellent contractual relationship that both companies have been maintaining for some time.

MILDMAC , in addition to developing corporate integration projects with companies that need to solve their IP communication needs either locally, or by geographic relocation, with multiple national or international headquarters, is working on new functionalities and the integration of other IoT technologies , Big Data, and RTLS (Indoor Tracking and Traceability of Assets – BTraZing-).



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