Mildmac & HSB & Promoespaña alliance

Mildmac Advance Solutions S.A. HSB Technology Solutions and Services y Promoespaña have reached an agreement for technical cooperation, distribution and marketing of Mildmac´s products and solutions in the environment of the VOIP and Bigdata in the territory of Chile.

In the near future HSBC, as Chilean technology company, with MILDMAC will begin deployment in the market and make the work of technical sales support, integration, and first level support for the products of the  VoiPfutura BDfutura families, as well as for other products and services in the catalog of MILDMACPROMOESPAÑA complete business expansion throughout the country.

Mildmac is an Spanish company integrated of technology solutions with 25 years of experience and presence on the Internet since 1994. Performs tasks as consulting and development in the areas of corporate communications, Internet, computer systems, telephony / VoIP, and Big Data the Internet of Things, web design and development.

HSB is a Chilean company formed by professionals with over 17 years experience in all kinds of services and implementation of computer business systems. Their services are based on the guidelines of the modern project management under the guidance of Microsoft, which are characterized by their planning, execution and control within each of the activities that comprise it.

PROMOESPAÑA is a Chilean company with accumulated experience over 16 years promoting business relations between Spain and Chile with a powerful network that ensures the commercial success of the operation

With this agreement, HSB PROMOESPAÑAare responsible for technical support to the distribution and sale in Chile of the solutions developed by Mildmac, mainly on two main lines of action:

VoIPFutura line: products and services for unified, global and costless enterprise telephony based on voice over IP, with which you can easily optimize the costs of their voice traffic from the outset, faced without traumas migrating your traditional PBX, voice communications introduce in their production processes, integrated radio communications using IP networks (RoIP), remote control devices, integrate information from sensors to start or control processes … .A flexible, scalable solution robust and affordable VoIP for your business.

BDFutura line: multi-platform services and cloud applications oriented to the acquisition, storage and intensive processing of information obtained IP (internet) from different data sources, providing users with information and knowledge for decision-making and implementation of actions in areas such as energy efficiency, Geo Positioning and location of persons and objects, Environmental Health and Air Quality, etc., applied to different sectors (industrial, business, professional services, healthcare, R & D, domestic sphere …), and adapted in each case to the particular needs of the sector and the environment.

With this agreement we intend to meet the objective of offering to the Chilean market products and services of latest technology and high strategic value and strengthen the bonds of commercial interaction and technical collaboration between the two countries.

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