Mildmac associates to Silicon Alley Madrid

Recently Mildmac has reached an agreement for the one that happens to be associated of Silicon Alley Madrid, association of technological undertakings, dedicated to the production, manufacture, commercialization of products and / or provision of services based or directly related to the area of the technologies and telecommunications, in the geographical frame shaped by the neighborhoods of El Salvador, Simancas, Canillejas, Hellín, Amposta, Arches, Roses and Gratings, in cardinal Madrid.

Silicon Alley Madrid is located in the district of San Blas-Canillejas , in Madrid. It´s a former industrial park re-turned at present into technological zone.

Silicon Alley Madrid, named in reference to the area of Manhattan in New York, represents the place with the highest concentration of technology companies in Spain. Formed by a cluster of companies dedicated to the latest technology and telecommunication networks and born without the heat of public support, Silicon Alley Madrid has been making its way through the efforts of corporations that form.

Birth and development has been facilitated by three circumstances that were expected its current location:

  • The connection to the type of electrical power needed by large data centers.
  • The proximity to the core of Telefónica.
  • Good physical connections, as it is located next to Barajas Airport.

All this has allowed the district has an excellent balance between clean & high-tech industry. In Silicon Alley Madrid , the heart of telecommunications networks in Madrid, are identified nearly 200 technology companies, a wide range of ICT providers that offer their expertise and professionalism.

The mission of Silicon Alley Madrid is to create an active and participatory business community to provide support and interaction among its members and generate synergies, initiatives, actions and developments that add value both to the district of San Blas-Canillejas (to be promoted and consolidate as a strategic technological district of Madrid par excellence, under the name “Silicon Alley Madrid”), and businesses which carry out their core business mainly technologically whose common interests will represent and promote cooperation, casting its high potential and competitive leadership .

Since June, Mildmac is an associate member of Silicon Alley Madrid, contributing their knowledge and experience in the technology sector and benefit from the advantages of belonging to a differential association in which to unite synergies with other partners.

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