A beacon is a small bluetooth low consumption (Bluetooth Low Energy – BLE) signals emission device, which emits a broadcast signal, transmitting a particular geolocation point with much precision

They are sufficiently small to be fixed on a wall or desks

They can transmit messages or notices directly to a mobile device without the need for devices synchronization

The signal is captured by these devices and is often transmitted to a server in the cloud via the internet. Cloud server processes the information and carry out more detailed analysis to guide behaviors based on the specific location of the device

There are various beacons on the market
Most of them are powered by button battery
They are sufficiently small to be fixed on a wall or desks

With the use of beacons you can provide to your users or customers a better experience of location and proximity. The beacons can be used for accurate indoor geolocation

In Mildmac we have incorporated this technology in many applications:



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